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Infokus Photography


About Me

I’m Keith, I have been lucky to work as a full-time wedding photographer for the past 20 years. I work very light with just 2 cameras harnessed to me and always aim to be in the background and unobtrusive. Wedding photography is something that comes naturally to me. I like to keep things simple and blend into you’re wedding day, capturing moments as they naturally unfold in front of me. You’re wedding day will have its own pace, and will take its own natural direction, I won’t direct your day – I will capture this in the most unique and authentic way, ensuring to reflect who you are as a couple.

As for me and my background, I studied photography in Waterford Institute of Technology and graduated in 2003. I set my business up that year and photographed my first wedding. I used a film camera back then with 12 to 36 photos on a roll. Since then a lot has changed. Today, each one of my cards carry 1000 spaces for the highest quality images.

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My Wedding Photogrpahy

You will see from my photography, I take a non-directive approach to you’re wedding day, preferring to blend into the crowd.  You barely know I’m there. Soaking into someone’s wedding day lets me photograph real moments as they happen. Photographing those real moments is essential to capturing the raw emotion of you’re wedding story.

With the experience I have gained through the years, I know when and where to be to capture that special moment. I understand the flow of your day, and ensure that this is not interrupted by me. Most importantly, I know when to stay in the background to capture moments from afar, and when to step up and sort group or couple photos. 

Infokus Wedding Photography has been recognised as one of the top wedding photography specialists in Ireland, an accomplishment beyond my wildest dreams. A combination of hard work, inspiration and a desire for perfection is what has resulted in this. Get in touch to find out more about myself and the Infokus studio


The Plan Behind a Seamless Wedding Shoot

Planning is an essential part of making your wedding day run smoothly and at its own pace. For this reason I like to go over all those smaller details before your wedding day, then letting you and your partner fully enjoy your day without thinking of schedules. This meeting will provide me with all the information I need to plan a seamless wedding shoot. 

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